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Our Mission

Our mission is to make gene editing technology available to everyone and anyone safely 

Our Supporter

UC Berkeley SKYDECK Accelerator 

JETRO - Japan External Trade Organization, government related


Dr. Masaki Kawamata is a highly accomplished molecular biologist, currently an Assistant Professor at Kyushu University, where he has been a valuable member of the faculty since 2016. Prior to this, Dr. Kawamata held research positions at Harvard University and the National Cancer Center Research Institute. His research focuses on exploring the mechanisms of gene regulation and how this affects disease progression. 


Dr. Motoshi Hayano is an Assistant Professor at Keio University and leads the Hayano Aging Lab, with publications in Cell, previously a research fellow at David Sinclair's lab at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hayano has been featured in numerous media outlets for his groundbreaking research on aging, including The New York Times, Forbes and MIT Technology Review. Dr. Hayano also serves as CSO at a publicly traded company Tsubota Laboratory 4890 (TYO). 

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