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A New Frontier Of Genomics

The One Genome Editing Technology

Optimized for Precision, Efficacy and Safety

World's First Genome Editing Platform That Can Be Fine Tuned 

Patented Safeguard genome editing technology that enables fine tuning of genome editing to optimize precision, efficacy and safety

Safeguard sgRNA

A revolutionary technology that enhances the safety and precision of CRISPR gene editing, enabling the development of transformative therapies for genetic diseases, cancer, and longevity.

7x HDR Efficiency

Continuous fine-tuning is important for determining the optimal range of Cas activity which maximizes HDR efficiency 

100x Safety

Prioritizes safety by significantly reducing adverse effects such as p53 activation, cytotoxicity and DNA damage, ensuring that gene editing is performed accurately and securely. 

3000x Precision

Unparalleled precision, lowering off-targets, enabling genome editing with increased accuracy and control

Partnerships and Collaborations

Stanford University

Harvard Medical School

Kyushu University

Nagoya University

Keio University

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